Monday, September 7, 2009

Craft Show

My Craft Show at LBI was really good. We had to take kids with us, since we couldn't find any babysitting. They were very well behaved. Thank goodness the show was near the beach.. they went pretend crabbing... and in general just had fun.

I sold a lot of hats and headbands, and my hair bows. The whole stock of my children's hats completely went, and I have to make new once to refill the stock. Women's City hats with a flower were really popular too and my new scarfletts - Genuine Foks.

I came up with a new hat for Halloween for kids, but wonder if it is a bit late. I don't know why I just couldn't find an orange pumpkin color yarn this year to make more pumpkin hats. So instead mine is with grey white and black colors. (will post a picture later).
Foks scarflett - women were really liking the idea.
It come with a message to save the Red Fox. I think it's a great gift idea.

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