Monday, October 12, 2009


I have been featured in several blogs in the past month. It's a pretty good feeling for someone to write stuff about your shop, your style and technique. I appreciate the thought behind every item made and when customers care about where my inspirations come from that means my work is appreciated. All the time I put into research and making an item is worth it. Thank you all for including me into your blogs and articles.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Glorious Fall!

We went apple picking and I just couldn't resist taking photos. I noticed that no matter how well the camera can capture the moment, there is no comparison to the reality! I love the color of the corn above, It looks so rich ! I also couldn't believe how high the leaves of the pumpking field were. It was up to my 7 yr old's waist!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

I like to create a trend, not follow it, but it's always good to study what's out there.
Come check out my collection of runway pictures -- some interesting finds.

and that's a bit too much, don't you think? :)
Such a pretty dress

Definitely 80's

Reviewing all the runway shows tonight. Everything is just screaming 80s - shoulder pads, stiletto hills, big puffy sleeves, neon colors.... all we are missing is big hair
I found one top that really reminded me of designing my prom dress. Here I made a somewhat the idea of my dress and also a picture of the top.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Christmas in September?

Christmas in September? Why not! These hats are fun and adorable. My kids love how they feel and we had so much fun taking pictures.
Hats come in all sizes and color combinations. Get yours early this year and send that Christmas card to your mom in time! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great new hat. Order yours today to get get it in time for Halloween.

Modeled by my Little Miss Muffet :)

It only took about 100 pictures to get these .

Monday, September 7, 2009

Craft Show

My Craft Show at LBI was really good. We had to take kids with us, since we couldn't find any babysitting. They were very well behaved. Thank goodness the show was near the beach.. they went pretend crabbing... and in general just had fun.

I sold a lot of hats and headbands, and my hair bows. The whole stock of my children's hats completely went, and I have to make new once to refill the stock. Women's City hats with a flower were really popular too and my new scarfletts - Genuine Foks.

I came up with a new hat for Halloween for kids, but wonder if it is a bit late. I don't know why I just couldn't find an orange pumpkin color yarn this year to make more pumpkin hats. So instead mine is with grey white and black colors. (will post a picture later).
Foks scarflett - women were really liking the idea.
It come with a message to save the Red Fox. I think it's a great gift idea.

Monday, August 24, 2009

I also decided to add some other passion of mine, which I have been making for my little daughter -- hair bows. Check them out on my site under Children's Accessories.

Kai seems to like her Monkey bow the best at the moment. She has a skirt that is exactly same color that we picked up for the fall. She is just a little fashion guru :)

Finally got to sit down and update my site. I came up with some really cute Kitty Cat hats for little kids. I especially like the Teddy Bear hat. It is so soft and reminds me of a real Teddy Bear to snuggle with.

Monday, June 1, 2009

No time for designing

Too many things are happening in my life all at the same time. I am going back to full time work and still very much want to keep on designing knitwear accessories.
Recently, I was asked to participate in a knitting book for cowls. Seriously planning to make myself to find sometime to write down all the knitting directions and charts.
I feel like I am neglecting my kids while attending to my professional life. I am happy to be busy and working and I wish I could split in two.... or three

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Roses are Red

Here are some of the few cowl I have made. I really like the once with roses. They are already in my Etsy shop so stop by to check them out. And as always, I am open to any feedback.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Why do we wear certain colors more then others? ...

Did you ever look at your closet and go" wow, I really have tons of green shirts... " or something of that sort. Well, there is a link between us unconsciously picking certain clothes colors and our personalities. When you wear a particular color most of the time you receive that color's energy and wave lenght affects your mood. Find out below the link between your color choice and your personality. (taken form the psychology book "The Complete Book Of Color")

If you wear Red…
You are impulsive, excitable, and energetic. You are ambitious and like things to happen quickly when you want them to do so. You like to be the best in everything you do. You may be a bit insensitive to the feelings of other people, since you like to be the center of the attraction. Learn to be a good listener. Red means vital force, with your nervous activity urging you to achieve results and be successful. If you make a habit of wearing red it may indicate that you place importance on sexual desire and eroticism. This energy can be best used in the form of creative endeavor, leadership and development and expansion. You are courageous and extroverted, but tend to become irritable and bad tempered if you do not get your own way. Learn patience. Maroon and brick reds show you are fun-loving, but careful not to become resentful and feel victimized by others.

If you wear pink…
You have an affectionate, loving nature, which makes you sympathetic and understanding. You may lack willpower and show weakness when you cannot control affairs of the heart. You need a great deal of support from others and can be childlike in your behavior. You must learn to accept and love yourself. I you become more self-reliant you will attract and give out the feelings of warmth and love you desire.

If you wear Orange, Peach or Apricot…
You are competent, action oriented, and impatient You are also independent, an organizer and self motivated. Orange is the color of practicality and creativity. Your energy levels are high, and you are sometimes restless. You have a forceful will and tend to be active and competitive. You are also excitable and can seek domination over others. Bright and burnt orange can make you feel frustrated or blocked. Try wearing peach, which will direct your energy to others in a more caring way.

If you wear yellow…
You have interesting and stimulating personality. You like to be active and involved in whatever is going on. Lively and vital, you can cope well with life’s challenges. Bright yellow represents spontaneity and communication. There is a desire and hope of greater happiness, which implies some minor conflict in which release is needed. Yellow presses forward to the new, modern, the developing and unformed, and draws in ideas from the “higher mind”.

If you wear green…
You are a cautious person and not inclined to trust others easily. You are an observer of life, but do not wish to get involved more than you have to. A quiet life suits you best. You are benevolent, and service-oriented. If you blue-green, you need a peaceful environment, wishing release from stress, and freedom from conflicts or disagreement. You take pains to control the situation and its problems by proceeding cautiously. You have sensitivity of feeling and a fine eye for detail. Try wearing pale yellow to help you share yourself and develop an optimistic attitude

If you wear light blue…
You are creative, perceptive, and sensitive. You have imagination and practical approach to life. Your approach can be analytical and you are best advised to use your knowledge for problem solving. You like to do things in your own time and not to be rushed. You need a secure and peaceful environment.

If you wear dark blue…
You are intelligent, self-reliant, and have a great depth of feeling. You feel a responsibility for others and enjoy decision making. You need tranquility around you and must be surrounded with tenderness, love and affection. Noisy people disturb you. You may suffer from mental stress owing to lack of play and relaxation. Try wearing some blue-green to help you self-expression and your health.

If you are wearing violet…
Yours is sensitive, compassionate nature as you can be easily imposed upon and should be careful to pick friends who are as sensitive as you are yourself. To be happy, work where you feel needed. Try wearing lilac of magenta, a color with more red in it. This will boost your self-confidence and provide your vulnerability with protection.

If you wear purple…
You are very intuitive and have deep feeling and high aspirations. You are interested in the best of everything, including your friends. Lesser mortals do not interest you or enter into your scheme of things except where necessary. Watch that you do not become arrogant – try to make more time for listening. Orchid, violet, or grape can make you feel imposed by others’ belief system, rules and regulations. Be sensitive to your personal and spiritual needs. Try yoga or meditation to release your mind blocks.

If you are wearing white…
White contains all the other colors in the spectrum, showing that you have a positive, well balanced, and optimistic personality. You are highly individual, , a loner and might even be lonely. You seek a simplified lifestyle free from outside pressures. You have chosen a simple and pure color, but one that reaches out for recognition. You are probably going through a transition period with new ideas that have not yet taken form. Be open minded and communicate, for with white all things are possible.

If you are wearing grey…
You are very much an individual. Many people may get the impression you are self sufficient as you have excellent self –control and prefer to remain uninvolved. Those who wear grey have a tendency to isolate themselves, which can lead to loneliness. You may be passive because you feel stressed and overburdened. You need rest, relaxation and freedom from daily stress. Maybe you need a good break – take in the blue of the ocean or green of the countryside. People who wear grey are often those who make judgments and may be good critics. Those who lack judgment and struggle to form opinions should wear grey.

If you wear brown…
Brown clothing suggests an honest down-to-earth person who likes a structured, supportive lifestyle. A lover of the best things life has to offer. You are sensuous type, appreciating good food, drink and company. Brown is the color of mother Earth. It is protective color, but you maybe bottling up the emotion or secret that makes you retreat into your shell and fear the outside world; thus you feel protected by wearing brown or muddy colors. There is a desire to be emotionally secure and accepted by the outside world. You need to understand your self-worth and word off narrow-mindedness.

If you wear black…
You are strong willed, opinionated and disciplined. You may be too inflexible and too independent. Watch out that these are not defense tactics. You may really lack confidence in yourself and you own ability to handle life efficiently. It may be you have a little way to go to maturity and are using black to cloak yourself while you discover your true identity. Black represents renunciation – the ultimate surrender or relinquishment – and those who choose to wear black constantly want to renounce everything out of stubborn protest. Black worn on certain occasions shows you have control of yourself in order to communicate an authoritative image.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Work in progress.... Fall fashion 2009

Some work in progress.
Currently working on some fall/winter 2009 cowls. I didn't want them to be boring.... anything but boring. Same old simple stretch of fabric around your neck is becoming boring to wear and to look at.

I simply can't believe that some sellers have a one layer piece of knitted fabric with a button to wrap around your neck and sell them for $40 and over and call it a cowl. Shouldn't it be warmer then that? Shouldn't it have a character? A style? ...
So, here are my ideas for cowls. They are coming out in all different colors for fall. They will also have matching wrist warmers and maybe leggings.
The yarn used for the moss cowl is one of the finest -- 100% Peruvian highland wool. It gives this cowl a bit chunky look and it is very warm.
The white cowl is made with acrylic yarn, but, it is very soft and durable. You can wash it 100 times and it will look just the same as when you just bought it. I actually liked it so much that I am leaving a white cowl for myself! :) and making another one for sale.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fall 2009 review

Before creating a new line of fall items, I decided to dive into more creative ideas for Fall 2009 collections. The designs tend to replicate the 80's but in a more softer sort of way. The main color throughout the collections is dominantly black. However, when it came to details, every designer seemed to pick one bright color and stick with it, combining it either with black or charcoal grey and occasionally blue.

My favorite collection, without a doubt, was Marc by Marc Jacobs. Great colors, tons of inspirational pieces. Almost every outfit had red (as you can see from detail review on the left picture)

What's to come: leggings, cowls, wide scarves, and stripes.... lots of wide stripes.
Love the black rose wrist detail on the bottom picture.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday we went to PA to watch hawks. We had to hike a bit and kids were great, but I found out that I have a fear of heights. And most of all, I am almost paranoid that kids will make wrong turn and fall off the mountain and that thought sends pain through my whole body! I talked to my aunt about me being afraid of heights and she told me that I had it since I was a little girl. Then I started reading up on it and found out that fear of heights is also called Acrophobia.

Acrophobia is something that you are kind of born with. It is not learned or not something that you can gain by once being scared off by something. Some people just simply have it and others don't. So, for me to get rid of this phobia I should gradually introduce myself to heights. First, starting at a comfortable level and gradually increasing the heights and getting used to them until I feel OK.

I don't know... while I have 2 energetic kids, who can easily hurt themselves, I am not sure how am I going to ever get over this fear :) What do you think?

This elevation was 1521'. My first mountain to visit was Mt Washington in NH, elevation over 16,000'. (and thank God it was really foggy at the peak! :)

I am truly a beach person!

C. pretend falling - camera tricks :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making use of old stuff

Spring is in the air and we are starting our closet cleanup. Kai and C. had some colorful t-shirts that I thought we could use for something else. So this past Sunday we were making softies. I think they came out pretty good : ) C. also got a lizard made out of his old terry pants, but we didn't get a chance to snap a photo of it. But here are some of Kai's bunny family

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New items in my shop!!!

So exciting. I decided to make these really cool Laptop Sleeves. They are so far made in more masculine color and one is for the ladies :) I am working on more feminine colors next. Let me know what you think!

I am especially happy with the way this one came out. So far it is my favorite! this is new. I just read about this link of one of the forums on Etsy. If you wish to know if you were listed in one of the treasuries, this is a really easy tracker. Check it out! All you need to do is enter your user name!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Contest winner for February

Here is my happy Young Designer winner for February 2009- -giving me her thumbs up! :) Come to my website and see how your child can participate in the absolutely FREE contest at

Monday, March 2, 2009

Another great shop on Etsy

Lunatiger's is a person who likes to keep up with new technology, while still liking the feel of a pencil and paper in her hand. She is on Etsy to help her mother, who had discovered brilliant idea of making Swarovski crystal characters. Their combined shop is a presentation of quality and care that you can see in every item
What inspires you to create?
I love art ever since I was little. I could spend hours creating and not get tired of it. I think what inspire me is nature and what I see in my surroundings. I usually take the smallest little items that no one cares for, for example an odd shaped tree bark and the light bulb goes of in my head. I think I get inspired to create from the most unexpected places.I initially started my blog to keep me motivated and post about art which you can find here:

How did you decide to join Etsy?
I first joined Etsy because I wanted to help my mother sell her Swarovski Critters to a wider audience. She has only sold it to friends and family at that point and everyone kept on saying she should "sell it online!". One of my best friends suggested Etsy, which I had never heard of. I had only known about E-bay (aka Feebay on Etsy), but I found Etsy to be a much more pleasant place. Since then I've begun selling my origami roses that I've practice making for 12 years and some more things to come.
I'm also planning to open my second store featuring my artwork.

What is the most favorite item in your shop? Man that's tough...I would have to say the Swarovski Crystal Lady Dog would be my favorite. I also think it would be my mom's least favorite, only because it takes her 2 hours to make! I estimate that 100 crystals were used to make it. But I love it and ask her to make it so I can get first dibs on the goodies! Hehe...

Friday, February 27, 2009

I got my stapms today from one of my featured Etsy sellers :SugarSkull7

I'm really happy with the way it came out. Now I can stamp my logo on all of my stationary! Thank you Kim!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My next featured Shop is Elevenish
Her Etsy shop is a celebration of childhood!
Here is what she says about her shop:
I attempt to create whimsical illustrations that depict the essence of little children, from their rosy cheeks down to their chubby little toes.

Where do you get your inspiration? Well, before my giggling baby came along, I was inspired by Carolyn Haywood. I remember my Mom reading me her books and always being intrigued by the sweet illustrations. I also have a collection of prints by Jessie Wilcox Smith and Bessie Pease Gutmann.

Is there any particular color combination you prefer? Oh, this is a tough one...right now, I am in love with cream. I love that almost anything matches it, and I love the richness it adds to almost any color. So, I guess I love anything with cream!

What is your favorite item in your shop? I think this is my favorite item so far. Even though my baby is almost 10 months, she really was my model for the girl. My baby has long hair that covers a little bit of her face like the way the little girl in the picture does. And I love her thoughtful look.

What are your favorite Etsy shops? Oh dear, such a hard question! Underthestairstudios