Monday, March 2, 2009

Another great shop on Etsy

Lunatiger's is a person who likes to keep up with new technology, while still liking the feel of a pencil and paper in her hand. She is on Etsy to help her mother, who had discovered brilliant idea of making Swarovski crystal characters. Their combined shop is a presentation of quality and care that you can see in every item
What inspires you to create?
I love art ever since I was little. I could spend hours creating and not get tired of it. I think what inspire me is nature and what I see in my surroundings. I usually take the smallest little items that no one cares for, for example an odd shaped tree bark and the light bulb goes of in my head. I think I get inspired to create from the most unexpected places.I initially started my blog to keep me motivated and post about art which you can find here:

How did you decide to join Etsy?
I first joined Etsy because I wanted to help my mother sell her Swarovski Critters to a wider audience. She has only sold it to friends and family at that point and everyone kept on saying she should "sell it online!". One of my best friends suggested Etsy, which I had never heard of. I had only known about E-bay (aka Feebay on Etsy), but I found Etsy to be a much more pleasant place. Since then I've begun selling my origami roses that I've practice making for 12 years and some more things to come.
I'm also planning to open my second store featuring my artwork.

What is the most favorite item in your shop? Man that's tough...I would have to say the Swarovski Crystal Lady Dog would be my favorite. I also think it would be my mom's least favorite, only because it takes her 2 hours to make! I estimate that 100 crystals were used to make it. But I love it and ask her to make it so I can get first dibs on the goodies! Hehe...

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