Sunday, March 22, 2009


Yesterday we went to PA to watch hawks. We had to hike a bit and kids were great, but I found out that I have a fear of heights. And most of all, I am almost paranoid that kids will make wrong turn and fall off the mountain and that thought sends pain through my whole body! I talked to my aunt about me being afraid of heights and she told me that I had it since I was a little girl. Then I started reading up on it and found out that fear of heights is also called Acrophobia.

Acrophobia is something that you are kind of born with. It is not learned or not something that you can gain by once being scared off by something. Some people just simply have it and others don't. So, for me to get rid of this phobia I should gradually introduce myself to heights. First, starting at a comfortable level and gradually increasing the heights and getting used to them until I feel OK.

I don't know... while I have 2 energetic kids, who can easily hurt themselves, I am not sure how am I going to ever get over this fear :) What do you think?

This elevation was 1521'. My first mountain to visit was Mt Washington in NH, elevation over 16,000'. (and thank God it was really foggy at the peak! :)

I am truly a beach person!

C. pretend falling - camera tricks :)

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