Sunday, March 29, 2009

Work in progress.... Fall fashion 2009

Some work in progress.
Currently working on some fall/winter 2009 cowls. I didn't want them to be boring.... anything but boring. Same old simple stretch of fabric around your neck is becoming boring to wear and to look at.

I simply can't believe that some sellers have a one layer piece of knitted fabric with a button to wrap around your neck and sell them for $40 and over and call it a cowl. Shouldn't it be warmer then that? Shouldn't it have a character? A style? ...
So, here are my ideas for cowls. They are coming out in all different colors for fall. They will also have matching wrist warmers and maybe leggings.
The yarn used for the moss cowl is one of the finest -- 100% Peruvian highland wool. It gives this cowl a bit chunky look and it is very warm.
The white cowl is made with acrylic yarn, but, it is very soft and durable. You can wash it 100 times and it will look just the same as when you just bought it. I actually liked it so much that I am leaving a white cowl for myself! :) and making another one for sale.


  1. wow, they are GORGEOUS! and matching leg warmers would ROCK!